Letter: Lower age limit for Plan B pill robbing girls of childhood

May 15, 2013 

How disturbing to hear the recent news regarding the Plan B One-Step pill. This "morning-after" pill was previously available to buyers 17 or older and was kept behind pharmacy counters.

An FDA decision made the pill available over-the-counter to buyers 15 and over with proof of age. Sen. Patty Murray, D-Wash., calls this "a step in the right direction for increased access to a product that is a safe and effective method of preventing unintended pregnancies."

I would like to see the studies assuring this pill's safety. Were they done using children? These are powerful drugs taken by girls whose bodies are not yet fully developed. They claim 89 percent effectiveness. Maybe a young girl wants a 100 percent guarantee and takes a double dose? What stops her? Does she land in the emergency room?

Where are the adults? We are called to protect and teach our children. Instead, we actually encourage our children to have abortions. Harsh? Yes, but real. I doubt most parents want this for their children. We are robbing them of their childhoods, and subsequently, meaningful adulthoods, giving them an easy out for consequences of their behavior. This is wrong in so many ways.

Help us back to you, Lord.

PEGGY MAGER, Kennewick

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