Letter: Team's raunchy chant reflects badly on school they represent

May 15, 2013 

I am a track and field athlete in the Tri-Cities. At a recent meet at Kamiakin, while warming up, members of another high school team were getting "pumped up." But something stood out. They were yelling the F-word followed by the names of other schools.

I have one question: What happened to common sense and sportsmanship? Getting pumped up is one thing, but using expletives to put down other schools? The members of this team have God-given talent, and they act like that?

The members of this school should be ashamed of this behavior. I know that this is not how I would like my school to be represented.

Through my many years of athletics, I have been taught to be a good sport, and to be the best and the brightest.

Athletes need to take a step back, think about who they are representing, and do the right thing.



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