Letter: Police response to bank robber in Pasco looked like practice for martial law

May 15, 2013 

Can you say, "Overkill?" In regard to the police response to an attempted bank robbery in Pasco as reported in the May 8 Herald -- really?

Dozens of Pasco police officers, an apparently good-sized Benton-Franklin SWAT team, two armored vehicles, at least one police sniper on a roof, police dogs, a Richland bomb squad robot to inspect a backpack, the setting off of explosive diversionary devices and a lock-out of surrounding facilities, all to apprehend a heavy-set man with a fake beard who got away -- with nothing -- and who "indicated" he had a gun?

And the people meekly watched this "lock-out" -- or what appeared to me to be an early stage of conditioning us for martial law?

I strongly support our local police, but with federal money and influence involved, our local officials are affected. People, your liberty is at risk here. Please wake up!



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