Letter: Saddened to see Christians maligned over Arlene's Flowers controversy

May 15, 2013 

It saddens me to see Christians so maligned over the Arlene's Flowers issue. The problem with many Christians is our feeling we have the right to take the moral high ground. In that position, we rant and rave about the sins of others when we fail to consider that we were once sinners too, and because I choose to walk after Christ's teaching gives me the right to judge others. Who am I to judge others? Christ didn't. I only have one mandate from Christ; that is to love.

However, in the same-sex marriage case, the owner of the flower shop did just that. She served one of the partners years but is being maligned for exercising her religious beliefs. Here's the juxtaposition that arises: In order for the rights of the same-sex marriage couple to be honored, the rights of the flower shop owner must be sacrificed. Do you see the power play?

For one thing, the state cannot interfere with the religious beliefs of anyone, yet here we see that taking place. Why should the owner of the flower shop have to sacrifice her religious belief? She shouldn't. Everyone's faith must be held sacred.


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