Letter: Keep anti-discrimination laws to preserve standards of equality

May 14, 2013 

I have to agree with Mike Wilson's argument (Letters, May 3) that a business should not be allowed to discriminate based on a legally protected status. If a business owner does not feel comfortable serving all customers equally then the business should not offer the service to anyone. Giving businesses the same rights as people in these matters opens a Pandora's box that could cause us to regress from the standard of equality we've attained after generations of sacrifice.

However, I entirely disagree with his religious argument. Christ showed love to all of God's children but that was not a carte blanche to act on any desire. He stood by the adulteress and defended her from her accusers, but his last words to her wer, "Go, and sin no more." Though he would love every attendant at a gay marriage, that love does not necessarily constitute approval.

Mike's statement about pre-marital sex being "discredited as an abomination" also concerns me. The relativistic moralism that has become the standard for our society is frightening. Numerous social science studies have supported saving sexual relations for marriage, extolling the wisdom of this practice despite what is "accepted" by society.


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