Letter: Congress displayed common sense in rejection gun bills

May 14, 2013 

I am always amused to see the left wing slam Congress when it doesn't bend to liberal demands. Richard Badalamente claimed in his May 1 letter that the NRA has bought off enough politicians to defeat the gun control bill presented to Congress. I say it was simply common sense that won the day.

Most polls agree with the USA Today poll, which shows 49 percent of Americans want common-sense gun control laws while 43 percent oppose new laws. Translation: Create and enforce laws that target criminals and not law-abiding citizens.

Nothing in the latest proposed legislation would have prevented a Sandy Hook Elementary event. Anyone with a penchant to commit a murder or mass slaughter will find a way, as we found out in Boston.

Building a gun or a 30 round clip is not rocket science. The internet is full of plans to guide you. So ban the internet?

Yes, we need extensive background checks, require a gun safety course before licensing and gun-safe requirements in every home and vehicle. The sad reality of all these laws is that it will take a violation for authorities to enforce them.


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