Letter: Arlene's Flowers' controversy should be dropped

May 14, 2013 

I do not agree with Arlene's Flowers' choice not to create beautiful arrangements to celebrate the wedding of a couple merely because both of them are men.

However, I am more concerned by efforts being made to force Arlene's owner to violate her conscience and to punish her.

It was reported that these men often shopped at Arlene's without being denied service. Arlene's has welcomed them to continue shopping there. But Arlene's was asked to put its artistic talents to work in celebration of an event that the owner believed violated her religious feelings. Nobody should be forced to do things they find morally reprehensible.

These men easily found someone else to service their wedding and had a wonderful experience. I wish them continued success and happiness in their union.

I think the founders of this country would be offended that their creation has been misused to create special classes of citizens. A country founded on principles of equality has become anything but. Equality cannot be achieved by creation of privileged classes.

I hope this matter will soon be dropped.


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