Letter: Weak coverage of abortion doctor's trial reveal mass media's agenda

May 14, 2013 

"If it bleeds it leads," is the norm of media outlets, and the executives and editors of these organizations pick and choose the stories we see. We are bombarded daily with news reports of sensationalized trials and all the graphic and gory details.

Most of these pale in comparison to a trial going on in Philadelphia that most people have not even heard about. Dr. Kermit Gosnell, a specialist in late-term abortions, was charged with 7 counts of murder and performing 250 abortions past the 24-week gestation period allowed by law.

He was convicted Monday of first-degree murder and could face execution in the deaths of three babies who were delivered alive and then killed with scissors at his clinic.

The testimony in this case was so horrific and disturbing of how in numerous cases because of the late-term development, many of these babies were born alive and then had scissors stuck in the base of their skull to sever their spinal cord.

What kind of civilized society can allow this to happen and then pretend that it is not newsworthy because it show's the "women's right to choose" issue in a negative light, and we all know that the secular progressive media has been championing the pro-abortion cause since Roe vs. Wade.


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