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By the Tri-City Herald staffMay 13, 2013 


The following individuals placed in Unit 442, American Contract Bridge League sanctioned games during the period of April 15-26.
Monday, April 15, Jerome Skinner Charity Game: overall, 1st, Chris Gorchels-Tom Edwards; 2nd, Zemmie Iedema-Kay Teal; tie, 3rd/4th, Dolly Amman-Molly Ferguson, Terry Liu-Pat Pinto.
Tuesday, April 16, Kays Klub: overall, 1st, Zemmie Iedema-Audrey Pfluger; 2nd, John Van Keuren-Joe Kraus; 3rd, Molly Ferguson-Marilyn Toher.
Tuesday, April 16, Bridge Buddies: North/South, 1st, Gerry Jensen-Doug Baxter; 2nd, Tom Edwards-Dave Sharp.
East/West, 1st, Dave Brouwer-Jonnie Jemquin; 2nd, Dolly Amman-Joe Diven.
Wednesday, April 17, Hanford Club: overall, 1st, Bob Matsen-Joe Kraus; 2nd, Herb Wampole-Kay Teal; 3rd, Maggie Boone-Joe Diven.
Thursday, April 18, Bridge Buddies: North/South, 1st, Sharon Warren-Edie Atkins; 2nd, Diane Chesney-Diana Sanger.
East/West, 1st, Larry Lang-Dave Brouwer; 2nd, Don Hanny-Laurie Hanny.
Thursday, April 18, Three Rivers Club: overall, 1st, Chris Gorchels-Usha Subramanyam; 2nd, Maggie Boone-Tom Edwards; 3rd, Jane Hunt-Clarine Lysiak.
Friday, April 19, Laura Stratton pairs: overall, 1st, Joe Kraus-Maggie Boone; 2nd, Usha Subramanyam-Hsu-Jen Yang; 3rd, George Williamson-Jane Hunt.
Monday, April 22, Jerome Skinner Pairs Club Championship: overall, 1st, Tom Edwards-Joe Diven; 2nd, Joe Kraus-Clarine Lysiak; 3rd, Zemmie Iedema-Stuart Iedema.
Tuesday, April 23, Kays Klub: overall, 1st, Larry Lang-Lynne Paasch; 2nd, George Williamson-Shakir Zaman; 3rd, Zemmie Iedema-Joe Diven.
Tuesday, April 23, Bridge Buddies: North/South, 1st, Marilyn Steele-Dave Sharp; 2nd, Gene Jensen-Gerry Jensen.
East/West, 1st, Bob Johnston-Dolly Amman, 2nd, Jonnie Jenquin-Urban Jenquin.
Wednesday, April 24, Hanford Club: overall, 1st, Lynne Paasch-Larry Lang; 2nd, Joe Diven-Clarine Lysiak; 3rd, Henry Chou-Bob Matsen; 4th, Marilyn Steele-Maggie Boone.
Thursday, April 25, Bridge Buddies: North/South, 1st, Vern Crow-Normand Dominique; 2nd, Jean Loss-Siglinde Koellner.
East/West, 1st, Judy Taylor-Elsie Palmquist; 2nd, Marilyn Steele-Dave Brouwer.
Thursday, April 25, Three Rivers Club: overall, 1st, Marjorie Gilmore-Bob Matsen; 2nd, Jane Hunt-Karen DeMerrit; 3rd, Kay Teal-Duane Neitzel.
Friday, April 26, Charity Game: overall, 1st, George Williamson-Shakir Zaman; tie, 2nd/3rd, Hassan Mojtahedi-Bob Matsen, Corky Greenfield-Marjorie Gilmore.

Tri-Cities Darting Association standings

1, Dos Equis 208; 2, The Iguanas 201; 3, Dart Slingers 160; 4, Cork Suckers 147; 5, Oche Jockeys 145; 6, The Outlaws 140; 7, Right On 136; 8, Sn Hat 125; 9, Shafters 69.

Golf bags, 9-hole—May 8

Low gross: Crystal Freeman 45. Low net: Mona Alzheimer 28. Low putts: Mary Brose 13.

Handicap tournament—May 2, 9

Low net: Sue Scott 137. Division 1—1, Brandee Hogg 140; 2, Joan Hopp 143; 3, Kylene Smoot 144; 4, Kathy Little 146. Division 2—1, Verlea Buckendorf 142; 2, Marla Gorsuch 146; 3, Julie Bousquet 147; 4, Ann Dickey 149. Division 3—1, Jeannie Webber 146; 2, Betsy Deane 147; 3, Ula Kruse 153; 4, Mary Ann Braddock 155.

Women’s 9-hole—Day’s Play

Division A—Ellen Walker 36. Division B—Mary Zilar, Jean Ruane 33.

Women’s 18-hole—Odd Holes

Flight 1—Gross: 1, Margaret Easter 43; 2 (tie), Becky Collier, Chris Jacobsen, Anita Carlson 46. Net: 1, Jody Wheeler 37; 2, Jan Hanson 38. Flight 2—Gross: 1, Janiece Marquart 46; 2, Anita Young 52. Net: 1, Nancy Ballard 35; 2, Vera Berry 40.

18-hole ladies—May 8

Division A—Low gross: Bambi Armstrong. Low net: Julie Morgan. Division B—Low gross: Carol Hexum. Low net: Bonnie Forsythe.


— Darold Westover of Pasco hit his sixth career ace on May 7, 2013 at the 76-yard No.17 hole at Pasco Golfland with a 56-degree sand wedge.
— Bill Purdy of Richland hit his first-ever hole in one on May 10, 2013 at the 178-yard No. 14 hole at Meadow Springs with a 6-iron.
— Noah Garrard hit an ace on May 5, 2013 at the 133-yard No. 6 hole at Columbia Park with a 9-iron.
— Davis Griffith became just the fourth player in Tri-City Country Club history to ace the Par-4, 268-yard No. 16 hole, doing so on May 7, 2013.

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