Kennewick man allegedly hits man with hot pan

May 13, 2013 

A Kennewick man is being held at the Benton County jail after he allegedly broke into the house of his ex-girlfriend’s former boyfriend and hit him with a hot pan, burning the man’s face and upper body, police said.

Sergio Ferrer, 39, of Kennewick, also needed stitches to close cuts on his face after Howie L. Inlong, 36, of Kennewick, hit him with a hot pan of food Sunday afternoon, said Kennewick police. Inlong also allegedly hit and kicked Ferrer.

Inlong pushed his way into Ferrer’s house and accused him of sleeping with his ex-girlfriend, police said. Ferrer tripped and fell before Inlong allegedly grabbed the pan and hit him with it.

Police arrested Inlong at his house the same day.

Ferrer was taken to Kennewick General Hospital, were he was treated and released.

Inlong is on a 72-hour hold while prosecutors decide whether to charge him. He also on an immigration hold.

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