Letter: Where is America headed? And several other questions

May 13, 2013 

Have you ever worked for a poor man's business? Do the poor buy many cutting-edge devices (such as flat screen TVs) enabling price drops so they become affordable? Shouldn't a president be proud to be American and uphold the Constitution? Is enticing lower income persons into mortgages a good plan? When did borrowing 40-plus percent of annual expenditures become rational?

Who thinks that raising children is the government's right, not the parents? How can adding laws that only the law-abiding follow stop the unlawful or disturbed? Should the government decide what size soda you can buy or what type of medical insurance you must buy? When did enabling the grasshopper at the expense of the ant become a governing principle? What happened to individual and property rights in Cuba, Venezuela and Cyprus?

History quickly happens. Germany in 1933 was hurting and democratic. Start 12-year period, subtract individual rights, then subtract 6 million Jews and 3.5 million German soldiers (plus tens of millions of others).

Was America in the '60s, '70s, '80s and '90s something to cheer or crush? What direction is America going? It is time to redirect America with new leaders?


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