Letter: Arlene's Flowers -- Law against discrimination based on faith attack on liberty

May 13, 2013 

I did not pay much attention to the Arlene's Flower Shop lawsuit. Everyone is getting sued these days for some kind of PC slight. However, looking further, it was not that she did not sell flowers to the customer. No. She was requested to provide services for a same-sex wedding ceremony. By doing so she would be participating in the wedding, not just providing flowers. This she cannot do because her faith would not allow it. What makes this bad is the customer did not initiate the lawsuit, the state attorney general did.

This had me thinking. If I am a small delivery service person, (a woman) with one employee (a woman) and we decide to not deliver to a dangerous part of town, would we be ordered to deliver there or get sued by the state?

What about if, as a Christian, I offend someone because I do not want my establishment open on Sundays? Am I also at risk of being sued for honoring my religious belief? Would I be compelled to be open every day of the week by the state?

When one freedom is lost, many other liberties follow.


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