Franklin County Judgments

May 12, 2013 

State of Washington Department of Labor and Industries was awarded

-- $3,110 from All Steel Trailer LLC.

-- $30,226 from J&E Meza Plastering Inc.

-- $3,639 from Onyx Framing LLC.

Commercial Loan Solutions II LLC was awarded $245,626 from James C. Thornton and Michele K. Thornton.

State of Washington Employment Security Department was awarded

-- $2,891 from Fatuma O. Hassan.

-- $9,120 from Charles J. Shuster.

-- $1,605 from Martha Guerrero.

-- $3,165 from Shastah D. Warren.

-- $2,084 from Albino P. Lopez.

-- $3,749 from Polly J. Gomez.

-- $2,354 from Elvira L. Bazan.

-- $2,298 from Enrique Preciado Jr.

-- $2,332 from John J. James.

-- $9,536 from James C. Doty.

-- $2,660 from Standard Transport LLC.

-- $2,109 from Andrei Vlasenco.

Mail Street Acquisition Corporation and HSBC were awarded $3,986 from Lyudmila N. Kutsiy.

State of Washington Department of Revenue was awarded $4,255 from Soulek Inc.

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