Tennis: Mid-Columbia Conference district tournament

May 10, 2013 

District girls tennis

Rylee Dewitt of Richland High School returns a shot from PascoÕs Veronica Martinez during the district tournament at Pasco High School on Friday.

RICHARD DICKIN — Tri-City Herald Buy Photo

Mid-Columbia Conference District Tournament



At Chiawana


Singles: Greg Ciucci, Richland; Luis Mendoza, Chiawana; Trent Prussing, Richland; Josh Kuznetsov, Walla Walla

Doubles: Travis Zuroske/Zach Fisher, Richland; Parker Toon/Douglas Rowley, Walla Walla; Callum Pe/Taylor Armstrong, Richland


At Pasco High


Singles: Rylee DeWitt, Richland; Julie Campos, Chiawana; Hailey Lewis, Walla Walla; Danielle Thongdy, Walla Walla

Doubles: Allison Melon/Rachel Schetter, Walla Walla; Rosa Tobin/Mari Arceo, Walla Walla; Hailey Thompson/Madeline Quick, Richland; Anna Lipton/Maria Tartakovsky, Richland



At Hanford High


Singles: Chad McKenzie, Kennewick; Scott Laverman, Sunnyside; Jared Bolt, Kennewick; Ethan Lane, Southridge

Doubles: Brad Thompson/Jeff Odland, Kamiakin; Mukthi Kukadapu/Cyrus Stephens, Hanford; Jared Tanke/Brian Walker, Kamiakin; Quinten Dicken/Dark Stankovich, Hanford


At Richland High


Singles: Seira Troxel, Hanford; Kiana Safford, Southridge; An Wang, Hanford; Stephanie Buckingham, Kennewick

Doubles: Sarah Morgan/Sofia Morrison, Southridge; Danielle Heath/Bryanna DeSanti, Kamiakin; Katie Brunson/Beth McKay, Kamiakin; Daizee Singer/Natalee Sanders, Kennewick

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