Letter: Misguided sense of humor leads to depraved graffiti in Connell

May 10, 2013 

The minds of today's youth are plagued with immaturity beyond imagination. The amount of male genitalia depictions that I have had to be subjected to throughout my four years in high school is enough to turn even the most innocent into a deviant monster.

I understand that young minds are misguided into a belief that there is some humor in putting these images on a peer's belongings, but it has been looked over as an innocent joke for far too long.

What really drove me to take action on this matter was when these images became a burden outside of the school. Just the other day, I was driving down a street in Connell and came upon a phallus that was spray-painted in large detail in the middle of the road. Whoever is committing these immature crimes needs to be made an example of so that the generations to come do not fall into the depths of this misled society.


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