Letter: Disappointed by efforts to recruit new candidates for public office in Mid-Columbia

May 10, 2013 

The filing period for local elected offices is the week of May 13-17.

Since February, I have been looking at more than 60 positions in Benton and Franklin counties that are up for election in November. I have informally evaluated voting records and job performances and identified some incumbents who need to be replaced.

I have contacted dozens of people, trying to find interested and willing citizens who will run for office. I have arranged for assistance from the Freedom Foundation to teach a free course on how to run and win a campaign.

However, the apathy among our citizens is overwhelming. So far, I have found only three people who are willing to run for office. A few more were interested but "just too busy to get involved." I must be doing a poor job at this. Either that, or the people are completely satisfied with the status quo. But I must warn you: If you re-elect all the incumbents, you basically have given up your right to complain about what they do.

If you are not comfortable with the status quo, be sure to file next week.


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