Letter: Some people want to retain their urban lifestyle

May 8, 2013 

Following a Tri-City Herald opinion piece, Rick Dunbar provided excellent context and basis for circulating two petitions within the city of Pasco and a desire to vote.

A letter signed by Mayor Watkins excuses Pasco from exercising the election method of annexation. Watkins fails to address two salient points for affected residents. First, powers of attorney granting Pasco authority over all annexation matters are introduced after a home is purchased when water is transferred.

It is neither informed or voluntary. The second point relates to the impact on longtime residents.

In 2009, water agreements signed by the developer of six high-end homes trumped the expressed wishes of 15 long-term residents with no water agreements. Hence, parcels long devoted to raising cattle and sheep now must abide by city neighborhood land use standards.

Carpet bag developers jump to the front of the line and usurp the rights and lifestyle expectations of people who have resided on their properties for more than 50 years.

This is the exact situation which is occurring in Riverview Area #2.

Newcomers making a pact with the devil are given land use precedent over long-term residents who have owned and worked their properties for generations.

ROGER E. LENK, Franklin County

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