Letter: Why does representative want voters to take the initiative?

May 8, 2013 

I find it somewhat amusing and irritating that Washington Democrat Representative Jamie Pedersen wants a ballot Initiative on background checks for weapons purchase stating, "It's more powerful if the voters do it" -- as opposed to our doing it and "It would make it easier for the Legislature to do even more."

Apparently her thoughts are that we actually do know what we want, even though after we have voted and said numerous times we favor and approved various initiatives, which have been overturned after two years with the statements that "the voters do not know what they want."

The other thought is, let the public vote on it, and, oh by the way, if we don't like what they say, we can always throw it out in two years.

We are now having another special session to try and do the jobs they were hired for and failed to complete. Different year, same lack of progress by an elected body to do their respective jobs. Wouldn't it be nice if they (the Legislature) said, "Let's put an initiative to the voters, that if we do not do our job in the normal session, we do not get paid for a special session, because we were inefficient and derelict in the performance of the job that we begged the public to give us."

BOB PAGE, Kennewick

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