Letter: Vote no on aquatic center

May 7, 2013 

An article in the paper (Tri-City Herald, April 28) talked about the proposed aquatics center in Pasco, a commercial style water park. It gave much of the pro and con positions with respect to the proposed ballot measure. The differences are clear, should tax dollars be spent to build a water park that is best suited to be built by the private sector, or should we convert the three city pools into aquatics centers with some features such as water slides?

This latter approach provides much-needed expansion of capacity in all three cities. All three city park and rec departments could provide year-round swimming lessons and recreational swimming in the converted pools. Both the cities and the school districts could provide swim teams sports and they would have a place to practice and compete. The proposal would provide a 50 meter indoor pool at the Memorial Pool in Pasco, satisfying the need for this size pool. The present proposal doesn't do it.

With most of the sales tax being generated in Richland and Kennewick, shouldn't those cities get some economic benefit from the project as well? The present Pasco aquatics center proposal just doesn't do it. People should vote no on the proposal.


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