Letter: Parents should monitors kids' online activities

May 7, 2013 

Parents need to do a better job monitoring their kids online. Technology can open up new worlds to young people and provide them with rich learning experiences, but it can put them a risk. As a legal parent or guardian it is their own responsibility to protect their child and in these days -- that means keeping close tabs to what they do online.

In the world we live in today we have had the opportunity to grow up with technology wherever we go. Nowadays there are all sorts of social networks that provide the chance for kids all over the world to share intimate details of their lives online. This is the main reason that parents need to be involved. In the 21-century we live in today there are plenty strangers and stalkers out there and now, more than ever, it has become easier for them. If nothing else this should be a main reason why parents need to be involved with their kids social networking.

Kids should not be writing anything they wouldn't want their mom to see anyway. If kids claim "It's nothing bad," then what's the trouble of having an adult monitor it regularly?


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