Mid-Columbia births for Mon, May 6, 2013

May 6, 2013 

Kadlec Regional Medical Center, Richland

FAVROW -- Lacey and Rodney, Kennewick, boy, April 30.

GUTIERREZ -- Alma and Maximiliano Brito, Pasco, girl, April 30.

ARCHIBEQUE -- Sharlyn and Sean Clayton, Benton City, girl, April 30.

BAUMANN -- Jessica and Dave, Kennewick, girl, May 1.

HUGHES -- Heidi and Cash Smallwood, Pasco, boy, April 29.

DELBRIDGE -- Tessa and John, Connell, girl, April 30.

HERNANDEZ -- Janette, Pasco, girl, April 30.

RIVERA -- Sara, Kennewick, girl, May 1.

HOLEVINSKI -- Anesa and Ryan, West Richland, boy, May 1.

SWALLS -- Afton, Pasco, girl, May 1.

COYNE -- Amber and Thomas, Pasco, boy, May 1.

SUTPHIN -- Mercedes, Kennewick, boy, May 2.

GARCIA -- Marlyn and Guillermo, Eltopia, boy, May 2.

AVANT -- Sarah and Felix Rivera, Richland, boy, May 2.

RHODES -- Nadia and Alex Nelson, Kennewick, boy, May 2.

PRINCE -- Nicole and Tyler, Kennewick, boy, May 2.

MCNEAL -- Marissa and William, Kennewick, boy, May 2.

ALKHATEEB -- Elham and Mohammed Hammad, Richland, girl, May 3.

PONCE -- Victoria and Michael, Kennewick, boy, May 3.

MOCK -- Hailey and Evan Hood, Kennewick, girl, May 3.

SANTOY -- Teresa and Joe, Grandview, girl, May 3.

Kennewick General Hospital

RODRIGUEZ -- Savannah and Fernando Pulido, Pasco, girl, April 30.

MCCRACKEN -- C'iara and Jake Gray, Burbank, girl, May 1.

DAMON -- Beth and Dennis, Pasco, boy, May 1.

MAGANA -- Karen and Rodrigo, Pasco, boy, May 1.

BAILOR -- Amanda, Kennewick, boy, May 1.

CARMICHAEL -- Rohana and Kevin Hart, Kennewick, girl, May 1.

ALCARAZ -- Sandy, Pasco, girl, May 2.

ST. HILAIRE -- Alyssa and James, Kennewick, girl, May 2.

ROBLES -- Ana and Carlos, Kennewick, boy, April 24.

LOPEZ DOMINGUEZ -- Marcela and Daniel Contreras Ascencion, Pasco, boy, May 1.

HAMID -- Maryam and Mohamed Abdolla, Kennewick, boy, May 1.

GARCIA -- Rhoneily and Ryan Herrell, Pasco, girl, May 2.

SMITH -- Allison and Larry, Pasco, boy, May 2.

SHEPARD -- Sharree and Marvin Medley, West Richland, girl, May 3.

Lourdes Medical Center, Pasco

TROUT -- Nicole and Adam, Richland, girl, April 26.

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