Letters: All men are created equal, all gender-neutral terms are not

May 6, 2013 

Today on the way to work, I heard on the radio that Washington legislators are changing the language in Washington laws. Freshman is now first year student; fisherman is now fisher. They couldn't come up with a name for a manhole cover, so that will stay (roadway utility orifice cover), etc. The announcer said, "Well what about human?" I thought that was good. Let's all write to our legislators and tell then not to rewrite the laws and waste our taxpayer dollars. Can I hear an "amen?" Oh, thank goodness church and state are separate or they would be changing that as well.

If they want to change new law language, great. I've never heard anyone complaining about this. Next they will be wanting to change the Constitution our forefathers (yikes) put forth ... and yes, "all men are created equal" -- and then there is "woman."

PENNY SMITH, Kennewick

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