Letters: Flower shop owner could take a cue from nature

May 6, 2013 

A recent letter to the editor supporting the woman who refuses to sell flowers to gays reminded me of "Nature's Case for Same-Sex Marriage" an op-ed piece by biologist David George Haskell (March 29 New York Times).

Haskell points out that next to the Supreme Court, where a case about same sex marriage was being argued, were oodles of cherry blossoms in bloom, all hermaphrodites, both sexes in each blossom. He goes through the list of nature's acceptance of every successful sexual adaptation: Snails on the cherry tree bark have both sexes and they mate. The fungi the snails eat have many sexual types, not two sexes, and some individuals even change type. Some species are born one sex and change into another as they mature.

Haskell also points out that some hermaphroditic flowers appear in single sex types and that about ten percent of geese on the Potomac (or I presume the Columbia) engage in homosexual acts. Nature doesn't moralize.

The local irony is that a business owner who makes a living by selling hermaphrodites won't sell to gays, even though gays, heterosexuals and hermaphrodites are natural.

Maybe she could find a church in tune with nature.


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