Horse racing: The final weekend at Sun Downs is upon us

May 3, 2013 

The final weekend of horse racing at Sun Downs will include four major races, plus a chance to wager on today’s Kentucky Derby, as the Tri-City Horse Racing Association intends to end the season on a high note.

“We have a real good card (today),” said racing secretary Shorty Martin. “Sunday’s card is 10 races with full fields. And we have four races this weekend with at least $20,000 purses in each race.”

Expect a good-sized crowd today at the Kennewick track, which will show the Kentucky Derby between today’s fifth and sixth race. The Derby is set to go off at around 3:24 p.m.

Fans can wager on the race, and mint juleps will be for sale.

On the local front, the first of two big races today is the $21,204 American Quarter Horse Association Dick Monahan Maiden Challenge finals at 350 yards. The winner of this sixth race will advance to the national finals in November at Los Alamitos.

Trainer Danny Montes has First Specialist with jockey Reuben Lozano entered as the favorite. First Specialist had one of the top times in the trials at 18.12 seconds.

The eighth-race feature is the $21,510 Sun Downs/Zoetis Starter Allowance Challenge finals at 350 yards.

Montes also has the top horse from the trials in this race in Ought to Azoom, and Lozano is also the rider in this race. Ought to Azoom had a time of 17.87 seconds in the trials.

As in the first feature, the winner of this race will advance to the national finals in November at Los Alamitos.

The first post today is at 1 p.m.

Meanwhile, trainer Monte Arrossa will have to get along without former Kennewick jockey Nikeela Black, who was scheduled to ride some of the horses in this weekend’s big races.

Black, who lives in Boise, where she is an attorney, was scheduled to be here this weekend.

But on Monday, she was thrown off a horse during a workout at Les Bois in Boise.

“I have a seperated shoulder, cracked nose and wired teeth right now,” Black texted the Herald.

Martin said that Black called Arrossa on Thursday and told him that she was ready to ride.

“Monte told her ‘No you’re not,”’ said Martin. “She’s a tough jockey.”

Trey Fecta

Trey begins the final weekend with $105.20 left in the original imaginary bankroll of $300.

We’ll start today by picking Vegas Boy in the first for the first half of the Daily Double, and we’ll put $10 on him to win.

In the second, The Majestic Sun is the second half of the DD, and we’ll go $5 across the board on her.

We’re boxing an exacta of Marshland and Justbrown in the third.

For the fourth, it’s $5 across the board on Regal Chelita.

In the fifth, we’ll take a $5 quinella on Disco D and Star of Nome.

For the Kentucky Derby, we’re boxing an exacta of Overanalyze and Normandy Invasion.

In the sixth, we’re taking a $5 quinella on Fergilicious and First Specialist.

In the seventh, we’ll box a trifecta of Sasha B, Missis Caldwell and Trixie Two. We’ll also take Sasha B for the first half of the Late Double.

In the eighth, it’s Wave of Chicks in the Late Double, and $10 to win on him.

That’s $78 in wagers.


Post time 1 p.m.

FIRST — TB mdn, 3YO&Up, Purse $1,300, 4 furlongs: 1. Wild Again Shamus. 2. Vegas Boy. 3. Rusty Shovel. 4. Rowdy Ruler. 5. My Pal Sully. 6. Ashlee Echo.

SECOND — The Miller Boys Memorial “Joey, Buddy and Russ”, 3YO&Up, Purse $1,700, 330 yards: 1. Jilling. 2. Lil Abejita. 3. First Daisy. 4. El Laberinto. 5. Surfin For Bux. 6. Windy Blossom. 7. Classy Chumee. 8. Native Lil Dasher. 9. Big Fast N Ungly. 10. The Majestic Sun.

THIRD — TB clm $5,000, 3YO&Up which have never won 3 races, Purse $1,500, 4 furlongs: 1. Aint No Sweet Pea. 2. One Litning Qween. 3. Soaring Like Eagle. 4. Risky Orbit. 5. Mmmthatfeelsgood. 6. Oceola. 7. Justbrown. 8. Marshland.

FOURTH — QH alw, 3YO&Up which have never won 2 races, Purse $1,500, 350 yards: 1. Flyin Lion. 2. Kipas Ace. 3. Ncc Shakool. 4. Hesa Snowbounder. 5. Sh Miss Be Dreamin. 6. A Cataclysmic Affair. 7. Runnin Ona Dream. 8. La Kangurita. 9. Givemesumcorona. 10. Regal Chelita.

FIFTH — Western States Equipment, TB clm $2500, 3YO&Up which have not won a race in 2013, Purse $1,500, 4 furlongs: 1. Disco D. 2. Spirit Bear. 3. Whatsamillion. 4. Dulcinea La Rosa. 5. Star of Nome. 6. Tanya’s Toad. 7. Liberty At the Bar.

KENTUCKY DERBY simulcast: see lineup on Scoreboard, Page B4.

SIXTH — AQHA Dick Monahan Maiden Challenge Finals, Purse $21,204, 350 yards: 1. Royal Down Special. 2. Blues Man too You. 3. Gc Streakin Okey. 4. First Specialist. 5. Fergilicious. 6. Lil Bit Texas. 7. Best Kept Secrets. 8. Sollovino. 9. Jess Mairi. 10. Victoriousecret.

SEVENTH — Jim Smith Ribbons and Lace Handicap, 3YO&Up, Purse $2,100, 6 furlongs: 1. Trixie Two. 2. Chianti Dancer. 3. Missis Caldwell. 4. Scarlett’s Mark. 5. Sasha B. 6. Colorful Tune.

EIGHTH — Sun Downs/Zoetis Starter Allowance Challenge Finals, 3YO&Up, Purse $21,510, 350 yards: 1. Danner. 2. Eyes Movin. 3. Fullafun. 4. Ought to Azoom. 5. Wave of Chicks. 6. Chicks Loveta Giggle. 7. Cc Senor Frog. 8. Snowbound Superchick. 9. Ez Seis Me. 10. Fast Intention.

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