Letter: Pasco play a must-see

May 3, 2013 

High energy, passion, "rock-star" performances are words I use to describe In the Heights, a Tony-winning musical that Pasco High choral students have brought to our community. I attended their performance Saturday night and was immediately engaged in the first few minutes of the opening act.

While I enjoy all types of musicals, In the Heights, reflects modern-day struggles with the gentrification of a Latino-American neighborhood told through Usnavi's (Franklin Castellanos) amazing rap lyrics, and Nina Rosario's (Bianca Navarette) burden of telling her parents that she dropped out of Stanford.

The snappy Latino, hip-hop music, the energetic dancing, the smooth harmonic duets, the bold and powerful solos will make you question whether this was really a high school performance or a group of professionals dropped on stage dressed like high school students.

Thumbs up to the Pasco High choral students, their parents, the director, choreographer, principal and all those who brought this delightful musical to our community. Thank you!

CAROL MOSER, Kennewick

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