Letter: Farmer put ethanol in a side-by-side comparison

May 3, 2013 

We started using ethanol on our farm in 1985. Two tanks were set up, one with 10 percent ethanol, one with regular gas. The ethanol and regular were sent to labs and tested for octane.

The ethanol ran 1 to 1.5 points higher in octane. The ethanol got 10 percent to 15 percent better mileage over a year.

One bushel of corn produces 2.8 gallons of ethanol, 33.6 pounds of feed and 1.5 pounds of corn oil or a bushel can produce 31.5 pounds of corn starch or 22.4 pounds of fiber/polymer or 33 pounds of sweetener.

Most corn is used for feed purposes. Harry Porter's (Letters, April 15) claim of adding 15 percent to your grocery bill is wrong. It adds 15 percent to the price a grower receives. It adds nothing to the potatoes, wheat, sweet corn and apple we grow.

Ethanol does not receive subsidies from the government. What does receive subsidies is wind power and the money spent on fish. We just spend too much money on fish and if you want to talk fraud/scam let's talk wind. We pay billions for both fish and wind. Ask your utilities supplier what those cost you each month!

Mr. Porter may want to look into windpower for his vehicle, he seems to have some experience in wind.


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