Letter: Jesus would celebrate a gay wedding

May 3, 2013 

I'm guessing the people who insist on endowing businesses with the right to express "beliefs" and "morals" have never felt the sting of real persecution -- aside from occasionally being wished a "Happy Holidays."

Businesses aren't people; there are legal constructs for regulating business transactions regardless of the beliefs of the people involved. In any case, the Christian Bible is not a reference book for civil responsibility. Rather than free a slave, the Bible provides instructions for the treatment of slaves. It also condemns divorce, remarriage, pre-marital sex and other "abominations" society discredited a long time ago.

If the local florist wants to inject her beliefs into her profession, she should recall that Jesus was condemned by religious leaders for socializing with sinners (segments of society who were targeted by religious leaders).

If the local florist provided the flowers for her longtime customers' wedding, she would see people instead of sinners and realize that by socializing with (as well as providing services for) her gay customers, she could emulate Jesus, not the corrupt religious leaders of his day and the biased rhetoric still pervasive in religious circles. She might not attend a gay wedding, but Jesus would.


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