Athlete of the Week: Othello's Bullis a two-way threat

Tri-City HeraldMay 2, 2013 

A two-way threat on the field, Kimberly Bullis went 6-for-7 with a home run and two triples Saturday in a 22-0 and 10-0 sweep of Warden in CWAC.

In the second game, she struck out six and teamed with Kristen Quigley — falling short of a perfect game by one batter.

“I gave up a walk,” Bullis admitted. “My left foot was hurting when I was pitching and I tried to work through it. That affected those last few pitches.”

An all-CWAC player last year, Bullis plays shortstop when not pitching for the Huskies (12-2, 14-2 overall).

Bullis said softball is her favorite sport, but she also plays soccer, basketball and does drill team throughout the year.

“Softball is the sport I’ve always been most involved with,” she said. “I grew up playing with a lot of girls. We are pretty close because we play other sports together.”

This season, Bullis is hitting .604 with two home runs, four triples, 24 RBIs and has struck out only twice. In the circle, she is 7-1 with a 1.36 ERA over 41 innings. She’s struck out 35 and walked eight.

Bullis will attend Eastern Washington University in the fall, and will have to give up softball because the Eagles do not have a team.

“It’s a bummer. I will miss it a lot,” she said. “I will have to find a club team or something.”


w Favorite food: Tacos

w Favorite nonsport activity: Hanging out with friends

w Most like to meet (living or dead): Jackie Robinson

w Dream date: Channing Tatum

w Favorite class: Leadership

w Pregame/race ritual: None

w Between games snack: An apple

w Must-have on the road: Headphones

w Favorite TV show: Hawaii Five-0 and The Following

w Be on reality TV show: Wipeout

w With $100 in a mall, where do you go?: Lady Footlocker

w Favorite restaurant: Anything Mexican

w Dream vacation: Australia

w Million dollars: Help my family and go shopping, of course.

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