Letter: 'In the Heights' is a musical for all audiences

May 2, 2013 

Pasco High's musical is a phenomenal experience! I say experience because it's a full-length musical with dancing, live orchestra, multiple music genres, comedy and even a mariachi band, crispy churros and rose vendors in the lobby!

An evening's entertainment isn't the only thing to take from the musical though.

Despite living in a "barrio," the characters work to make their neighborhood home. As Usnavi chases off graffiti vandals and works hard to serve his customers, his hard work in the face of adversity is uplifting and hopeful.

Characters balance a respect for heritage, seen in their love of the neighborhood grandma, while learning to exist in a changing world. This theme is identifiable to all Americans, not just Latinos.

Finally, it was exciting to see a show identifiable to Pasco High. It's refreshing to see a play that embodies the school, and as Benny struggles to learn Spanish alongside Dominicans learning the culture of American colleges, I cannot help but recognize these are experiences students actually face in real life. There's a connection between actors and play, and a great way to understand a culture that's part of our community. Thank you, Pasco students! Wonderful job!

Check it out: phsintheheights.com


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