Letters: Soon artists won't be able to select clients

May 1, 2013 

Artists: Be worried

Arlene's Flowers is willing to provide flowers to people regardless of sexual orientation. What was denied was the artistic services of floral arranging for a homosexual marriage, because it goes against the personal beliefs of the owner/artist. Should a jeweler who is Islamic be forced to make Christian jewelry if a Christian asks for these services? Should any artist be required to create art that goes against their beliefs or faith? Must chefs (culinary artists) be required to cook Kosher or halal if a customer requests it? If these artists refuse, by the precedent of this lawsuit, they will be open to lawsuit by the state and the "injured" parties.

Artistic freedom is something foundational to our country and constitutional rights. Many are sitting back thinking this is a battle between Christianity and homosexuality. No, this is a legal precedent (battle) for people to choose whom they do their artistic business.

Artists, from chef to hairstylist, tattooist to jeweler, from painter to poet, pay attention and protect your rights. If you offer your services to the public, soon you may not be able to refuse any service to any person in any 'protected class' for any reason.

Ken Brager


Austic advantages

I am always proud to talk about living with autism, especially about how much I enjoy being accepted and included in the community. I enjoy seeing others being helpful to people with autism as through acceptance and inclusion autistics' strengths are encouraged enabling them to participate and live up to their potential.

I'd rather have people help autistics reach our dreams and goals, than expect less of autistics than we expect of ourselves. We want to be able to live life not just watch others live life. See the possibility of our lives and enable us to live life to the fullest and help the world become a better place.

When people say that people with autism have limits, they need to help the autistic person see what their limits really are, because if I had not tried to do things that people said were out of my reach, I would not have the life I have now.

I will work day in and day out to help people with autism live their lives to the fullest and help others to understand and accept us and include us in life. Please join me in this effort.

Bill Peters


Congressional weakness

So, what do we do now?

The NRA and gun lobby have proven effective in turning their strident opposition to gun control into grassroots support for candidates, as well as cold hard cash for campaigns. Overwhelming public sentiment for stronger gun control has not, at least in the minds of the senators who opposed it, including four Democrats, translated into tangible support for nor opposition to their campaigns. That has to change.

Those who were shocked and saddened by Sandy Hook, and by the thousands of gun deaths since then, should be outraged at our government's inaction, and that outrage has to be turned into a fierce, insistent demand for action and a determination to rid Congress of those unwilling to heed that demand.

Richard Badalamente


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