Letters: 'Testing season' makes letter writer wonder

May 1, 2013 

As the schools across the state enter what is now lovingly called "testing season," I wonder if it is worth all the money the state spends. I wonder if parents know how many hours each school will spend testing students. I wonder if parents know how many pilot questions are on the high stakes test their children will take.

I wonder if parents know how many computer lab hours their children will miss because the lab is closed so testing can take place. I wonder how much the tests really costs the state and the individual districts who often have additional tests that are not state or federally mandated.

I wonder how all of the baby boomers that have been successful over the years ever made it when they only took one multiple-choice test all year and it only took a few days.

Finally, I wonder where it will all end and if any good will come of it. Do you wonder? You should!

Kathy Marquard, Burbank

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