Letters: Shopper will support Arlene's Flowers

May 1, 2013 

When I read that Arlene's Flowers had refused to provide flowers for a gay couple's wedding, I rejoiced. But knowing our laws nowadays, I feared there would be trouble. I also believe that same-sex marriage is wrong.

I wonder if homosexuals believe the Bible, how they justify their lifestyle in view of the scriptures. The Bible clearly states that homosexuality is detestable/abominable. Sodom was destroyed for its wickedness. It wasn't a great place to settle and raise a family!

Recently, signs were posted in businesses reserving the right to refuse service to anyone. I believe any business should have that right. If I entered a business to panhandle customers, or was rude, crude, or so filthy that no one could be near me, I would be asked to leave. Would that be discrimination against panhandlers, the rude, crude or filthy? Should the owners be sued?

Freed and Ingersoll's lawsuit asks for damages and attorney's fees. What damages? A lost night's sleep? Arlene's Flowers didn't hire their attorney, they did. I admire anyone who will take a stand for their beliefs. The next time I need flowers, I'll buy them at Arlene's.

Ila Stephens, Pasco

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