Some Columbia Basin irrigators to see reduced, interrupted service

April 30, 2013 

— The federal Bureau of Reclamation will temporarily reduce water deliveries to some irrigation districts in the Columbia Basin Project because of damage to the Main Canal just below Pinto Dam in eastern Grant County.

Water flows in the canal must be cut so work crews can get to a collapsed concrete panel and assess the damage, according to a news release.

Flows were at 7,000 cubic-feet-per-second when the crack was reported by a canal ditch rider on Monday.

“We’re reducing flows in the Main Canal, and expect the canal to be at its lowest level by Wednesday evening,” said Ephrata Field Office Manager Stephanie Utter in a news release. “While repairs are taking place there will be some disruption in water deliveries directly from the West and East Low Canals later this week.”

Those receiving water deliveries from the Quincy-Columbia, East Columbia, and the South Columbia Basin Irrigation Districts should expect water deliveries to be reduced or interrupted through early next week, Utter said.

The canal will be monitored as repairs are made and water flows are eventually restored early next week. Officials say there is no immediate threat to public safety..

Irrigators with questions should contact their water master offices.

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