Letter: Closed-minded Christians

April 29, 2013 

I totally agree with Rick L. Fehr's recent letter about people being attacked for their beliefs, but I would change only one word in his rant -- Christians.

There is an ongoing, hate-filled agenda by Christians to obliterate anyone who does not become an automaton to the dogma and closed mindedness of an organization of people who refuse to think for themselves -- other than to congratulate themselves for being so superior to the lesser beings of this planet.

There is no "agenda" gay or otherwise. All we want are the same basic human rights all the "good" folks -- not gay, of course -- now enjoy. The moral compass of straights and Christians is spinning out of control, not because of gays fighting for our rights, but from their own moral erosion. Straights as a whole comprise the vast majority of divorces, child abuse, murder, rape and a myriad of other transgressions too long to list, yet millions upon millions of Christians are so fearful of the small gay community that they are enraged and continue to attack others in the guise of defending their own beliefs.

Gays don't fear Christians. Christians need to get a grip and look in their own closets. Don't throw stones.

JEAN TEGAN, Richland

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