Letter: It's up to us

April 29, 2013 

First reaction -- horror, sadness, revulsion, then the anger. Why, who, how did we let this happen. Torn off limbs of little children lying on the street. This is America. We are civilized. This doesn't happen here.

But it does, and we collectively let it happen. We take the extra step to be civilized (soft/indecisive) to all, including dictators, bullies, gangs, terrorists and murderers. We are perceived to be weak. We talk big but we won't protect our borders.

We try armed combatants in our courts not in tribunals. We screw around in Washington, D.C., arguing over nonsense while we slide deeper in debt and less in stature in the world. We waste precious time arguing whether guns kill or people with bad intentions with guns kill.

We won't address moral decay or violence on the airwaves. Our leaders pit themselves against one another to win elections and to hell with America. "We, the people" not we, the president or we, the elected official. It's up to us Americans. We can do it -- we have no choice. We can turn the corner and get back to our values and regain our strength in the world community. But we can't do it if we continue to rely on our current leaders. It truly is up to us.


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