Fast Focus: Will you change your behavior because of the Boston bombings? The fear of terrorism

April 28, 2013 

No! And why should it? How many Americans within the country have been killed or wounded due to that feared word "terrorist"?

A thousand times more are killed or maimed in the work place every year in this country and has that changed your behavior? Or that of your government? Not one iota!

You're much more likely to be struck by lighting than a terrorist.

So, let me ask you a question.

How has letting one 19-year-old idiot and a few police be allowed to completely shut down a major American city changed your behavior or thinking?

You haven't even thought about that have you?

To those that care for their country and their civil rights, it is indicative that something is dreadfully wrong with how the U.S. government handles terrorism and its citizens. Ever since 9/11 the government has exploited the resulting fear to increase its own power and decrease everyone else's rights, including privacy. That's what should be changing your attitude. That's where the real danger to the country and our Constitution is!

-- D. CLARKE, Richland

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