Fast Focus: Will you change your behavior because of the Boston bombings? Government part of problem

April 28, 2013 

Absolutely our behavior should change. It is apparent our government cannot provide us with the necessary protection. Unchecked immigration and poorly managed naturalization policies provide an open door to those who desire to do us harm. The attitude that every "moon worshiping" religion is a peaceful and moderate in their life's approach, goes against the very book they profess as gospel.

Should we be looking over our shoulder as to who boarded the bus behind us, who placed the briefcase next to the crowded building, and who speaks out of both sides of their mouth? In a word, yes!

If we think our government is going to protect us, think again. Liberal policies of the government is a significant part of the problem. Prevailing liberal policies continue to give them money for homes, apartments, education, child rearing and anything else they might ask just as long as they remember who to vote for. Terrorists are laughing all the way to the bank.

-- DAVE LEE, Kennewick

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