Fast Focus: Will you change your behavior because of the Boston bombings? Extrapolating the problem

April 28, 2013 

Yes, in one small way, indirectly.

Sorry, I don't participate in the "think globally, act locally" game. It's a scam. It's a ruse.

It's a sick attempt at political projection, to attempt to suck in people across the country who have absolutely no connection to a single, isolated local event (local to Boston).

Yes, it's a tragic event, but I am not in any way affected by it. It's someone else's tragedy, not mine.

I'm not foolish enough to make myself a co-target at a mass, unarmed and defenseless victims rally in a large city. This sort of thing happens in big cities, and there's nothing I need in a big city -- especially not to go prop up my ego by pretending to be relevant to some giant public event.

I do not need to be part of the Glom to have a life.

Now, for the "one indirect way."

I have canceled travel plans, not because of fear of being attacked by terrorists, but by understanding that people across the country, especially police, are out of their minds with suspicion and knee-jerk reactions to an event that has nothing to do with them.

It's inexcusable, for example, for the Richland Police Department to have blown up a package containing printer repair parts on the same day as the event in Boston. Absolutely no connection, except the one that someone wanted to invent to attempt to be relevant, important and feel like part of the "in group."

I've canceled travel for now because until the baseless hysteria dies down, I refuse to be stuck away from home because some idiot decided, for no reason, that I "look suspicious" with an out-of-state license plate, or, not being dressed in a manner they personally like. (See news story this week where cops falsely arrested a man for wearing camo, and no other valid reason.)

I'll stay home and not spend any money.

-- DAVE CAMPBELL, Richland

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