Letter: Not a democracy

April 28, 2013 

Kudos to James Langford's recent letter, "What is good government?" He hit on the heart of what made America great and it is the way to return to posterity -- return to the founding documents and follow them!

There was one error in his letter that cannot go without comment. We are a representative republic; not a democracy. Our Founding Fathers had 3,000 years of history and they knew democracy would always fail but that doesn't stop the jerks in Washington, D.C., (the District of Criminals or Corruption) from calling us a democracy and trying to get us to be one so the nation will fail as all democracies have!

Democracy was described by James Madison as "mobocracy" because the majority rules and liberty goes to the "collective." That means nothing more or less than "equality in misery."

President G.W. Bush referred to "our founders great experiment in democracy." That was a lie! This lie is perpetrated by the enemies of liberty! And this falsehood is taught in our public schools today, along with other falsehoods about this nation. It's called "revisionist history," and we cannot tolerate it. Our Founding Fathers great experiment was in self-governance, accomplished through a representative republic.

LEON HOWARD, West Richland

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