Letter: Blame Obama

April 28, 2013 

After reading the recent letter by Martin Bensky, I believe he needs to look at what this president has accomplished -- absolutely nothing but increasing our national debt, increasing food stamp dependency and general dependency on the government.

He has wasted almost a trillion dollars on clean energy companies that backed him for president only to have many of them go bankrupt. The Benghazi coverup; the sequester, which he himself drew up then blamed Republicans for; constantly blaming anyone other than himself for all issues that have arisen since his presidency began. No budget in more than four years and the Democrats had complete control for two of them. I could go on, but you should be getting the point.

But there's one more big problem -- Obamacare, which had to be called a tax to make it legal and will add trillions to the debt. Is it a cop out to blame him? I don't think so. And blaming President Bush for all this is crazy talk. He had 9/11 and the flooding of the south, which started this ball rolling.

TIM BAKER, Richland

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