Letter: Doughnut hole contracts

April 28, 2013 

Rick Dunbar's recent letter to the editor regarding Pasco's annexation of part of the doughnut hole omits facts central to the issue.

Franklin County commissioners, in accord with the state Growth Management Act, designated the doughnut hole as the Pasco Urban Growth Area in 1992 because it was already surrounded by the city and the city had received approval from the Boundary Review Board to deliver water and sewer service to that area. Why? Because it makes sense and avoids duplication (waste) in the delivery of public services.

Mr. Dunbar (and many others) signed contracts (or bought properties that were committed by previous owners) agreeing to future annexation to Pasco in exchange for the city providing water service to the property, without which they could not have a home on a half-acre lot approved by the county.

The agreements are a contractual obligation on Mr. Dunbar and others. They now seek to avoid living up to their commitment even though they have already received the city's water service by trying to form their own city -- the very conflict (and waste) intended to be avoided by the Growth Management Act and 20-year-old county designations.

MATT WATKINS, Mayor of Pasco

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