Kennewick business' ad gets chuckle from Jay Leno

April 26, 2013 

— Senske Services in Kennewick wasn’t expecting its ad for tree and shrub pruning services to appear on national television.

But this week staffers said they were stunned to learn that their Tri-City Herald newspaper insert made a brief appearance on The Tonight Show.

On Monday night’s Headlines segment, Jay Leno poked fun at the “Did you know” section of the ad which said, “Did you know … that trees are tall plants made of wood?”

Leno threw up his hands and exclaimed “Wow!” The audience responded with laughter and applause.

Senske management also got a chuckle out of the segment.

“We’re huge fans of the Tonight Show and the newspaper insert served its purpose by encouraging homeowners to trim their trees in the early spring, so for us it’s a win-win,” said Senske’s Marketing Director Patt Mosely in a press release.

With 65 years of experience in tree care, Senske said its philosophy is that trees should be considered investments for any property.

Not only is the company taking The Tonight Show’s joke in stride, it is using the publicity to continue educating customers about the importance of yard upkeep, the release said.

“My goal for the ‘Did you know’ factoids was to catch people's attention, so goal accomplished,” said Mosely in the release.

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