Letter: Judgmental letters about people in poverty are frustrating

April 26, 2013 

It frustrates me to read authoritarian, judgmental opinions about people in poverty, as I think the writers do not understand our situation.

Regarding the recent letter, "Let them eat noodles:" I still cook such for my family, well past the end of my schooling. I agree, energy drinks should not be permitted by the government food program. Yet the cost of disallowing soda, steak or other items has been found to be too expensive. I find the argument to be trite.

No mention is made of seeds and plants always allowed by the program, that only recently have my wife and I been able to raise for food. We still struggle to make those food benefits last the entire month. We would indeed struggle more if the budget for the program was cut, and we are still on disability, so it is unlikely that we could leave it behind anytime soon.

As to the letter, " 'Evil' Rich:" We have used Universal Service Fund low-income phone assistance programs responsibly. I do not think an extension to internet service is unworthy of the poor, as I use it to pay my bills and report to government services (for benefits) in a timely and efficient manner.


— Editor’s note: Authors of the two letters mentioned above did not supply the headlines. They were written by Herald editors.

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