Thankful Thursday: Stores that close on Sunday provide sense of peace

April 25, 2013 

I am thankful for so many stores that were closed on Easter Sunday. The parking lots were empty. There was a sense of peace so long missing from this special day of rest. Employees could be home with family and friends.

It would be a dream come true to have every Sunday return to a day of peace. I remember Sunday being a day of reading the comics in the newspaper and going to church as the big event for the day when I was a child. We had our dad home finally. He worked hard six days a week.

For all those bored school youths, my question is, "Have they read all the classics yet?"

This is the only time in their lives they can do this in any large quantity. I read most of them and have found great principles for living in them.

Happiness has four levels. See a doughnut, eat it. Be an accomplished card player. Help others who need help. Last and best of all, contemplate God for whom your heart was made. Here are Plato's four levels of happiness. I challenge you all to find true happiness.



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