Nanny trial statements might begin Wednesday

TRI-CITY HERALDApril 24, 2013 

A jury should be in place by lunch Wednesday in the manslaughter trial of Kelli A. Jacobsen.

The remaining pool of 44 people will return to Benton County Superior Court for group questioning, before attorneys select a 12-person panel with two alternates.

Jacobsen, 28, is accused of recklessly causing injuries that killed Ryder Morrison on June 22, 2011.

Ryder died during surgery for head trauma. The Richland boy had celebrated his first birthday the day before.

Jacobsen was Ryder's nanny and lived in the same home with him and his mother.

Her first-degree manslaughter charge includes aggravating circumstances that Ryder particularly was vulnerable, incapable of resistance and his death had a destructive and foreseeable impact on others.

Because the trial is moving along ahead of schedule, Judge Vic VanderSchoor might ask the lawyers to consider doing their openings Wednesday.

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