Letter: If you don't like Second Amendment, work to change Constitution

April 24, 2013 

Why does law enforcement charge murderers with murder? I'm serious! It appears that Richard Badalamente (Letters, April 2) and others believe guns kill people. It's not people who kill, but guns that kill. If that is true, then law enforcement needs to release the murderers and charge the guns.

If it were possible to remove and destroy every gun in the habitable world, people would continue to kill. And if you remove guns from law-abiding citizens, then criminals will use their guns to kill law-abiding citizens who turn their guns in.

Ever wonder who has killed the most people? Governments have slaughtered more of their unarmed citizens than anyone else. Couldn't happen here you say? You're misinformed!

The right of the people to keep and drive automobiles shall not be infringed. There isn't an amendment to the Constitution that states that. Anyone who compares gun rights to car (nonrights) is grossly ignorant. Any, and I repeat, any regulation that assault the Second Amendment is an "infringing" upon the right of the people.

There is a lengthy process to amend or to repeal an amendment. If you don't like the Second Amendment, shut up and follow the process. Don't illegally chip away at it.


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