Letter: Our bad behavior appears to be destroying America

April 23, 2013 

Fifty years ago, I left a farm in the Missouri Ozarks to see what this great country was all about and to serve it the best I could. What a wonderful place to live, study, work and leave something behind that others could improve upon.

This was a place of order, laws, pride and intense success by anyone willing to work hard and abide by those laws and follow the rules. You could speak whatever was on your mind.

Now, I see greed. We cheat in school, at work and business. We ignore our obligations to our country. Politicians have degraded from patriotic statesman to pandering prostitutes who only favor their own ambitions. They kick the can down the road. They have no pride and have forgotten why they were elected in the first place. We have retreated to biblical times, worshiping golden figures. What have we done to our great America? Why are we trying to destroy her. Human beings can destroy anything that is good when they find it is beneficial for them.


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