Letter: Require welfare and unemployment check recipients to perform community service

April 23, 2013 

Welfare, unemployment

OK, I believe I have the perfect solution to handle welfare and unemployment fraud and abuse. I believe these two systems are very much needed from time to time. I have never used welfare, but I have come to times where I had to accept help from unemployment. I worked hard and found work as quickly as possible.

I believe that some people take advantage of these programs because it's easy money. So I say keep it available for people who need it, but make people still earn it.

For example, I would have people using this system work in community service areas like homeless shelters, churches, cleaning the streets or any other community support. These people would have to go to an approved nonprofit center and get signed off for around 25 hours a week.

This could be very flexible on their schedule, but at least it isn't free money. For people who believe in working hard and wanting to prosper, this will be no problem. They would be very willing to put in their part. But others would be less likely to abuse the system because they don't like to work for anything.


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