Fast Focus: 'What are your ideas for fixing the immigration system?' From one immigrant to another

April 21, 2013 

I was born in Saudi Arabia and I have to show my naturalization papers along with my birth certificate many times. I am proud to be an American and will show any papers needed to prove that. My family years ago came over to Ellis Island and were proud to be Americans ... the legal way.

I don't understand why the illegal immigrants think they should have rights. They are here illegally. Just come to America the right way. A lot of my family were in terrible times in Europe, and yes they couldn't just walk across the ocean as the ones walking across the borders of Mexico. They prayed and waited for their turn.

Stand in line ... and wait your turn.

Too much more money is being wasted on all of this, plus all the freebies many of the illegal immigrants get when they come here.

Makes no sense.

-- CINDY WRIGHT, Kennewick

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