Letter: Chief Jo offers many options and opportunities for students

April 21, 2013 

As a teacher at Chief Joseph Middle School, I must say I was appalled at the irresponsible article by Ty Beaver. Careless editing and misguided quotes once again fueled the "perception" that Chief Jo is a "lesser" school than Enterprise and Carmichael. Hysterical comments such as "They're fleeing from Chief Jo" may sell papers but it is far from the reality of how students and parents of Chief Joseph really feel.

Interestingly, there were no quotes from Chief Jo students to express their love and pride for the school they attend. Also not mentioned in Beaver's article was the annual school plays, the numerous awards won by our band, robotics club that went to state this year, math club awards, sports, Fuel Up to Play 60, chess club, craft club, Books and Bytes, ASB and numerous opportunities our students are fortunate enough to experience. Skewed information as presented in his article does more harm than good and fails to support all Richland students.

All schools have their strengths and challenges and concerned members of our commununity should focus their energies on balancing the learning opportunities throughout the district. Where does my son go to school? I can proudly answer, Chief Jo.


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